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Denver Water Jetting Sewer Line Cost

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Water Jetting or "Hydro Jetting" is the process of clearing out sewer and drain lines using a very high pressure jetting system to clear the line of grease, dirt, buildup and even roots. These machines are not your typical power washer. They are specifically designed to clear hundreds of feet of underground sewer pipe and harness enough power to even cut through tree roots.

Hydro Jetting is Far Superior To Snaking

WHAT IS A HYDRO JETTER? Although they are available in different sizes and power ranges, the ones used for sewer lines are basically an industrial sized machine similar to a power washer that mounts on the back of a flatbed truck or sometimes a trailer. They can range is cost from smaller household ones (around $3000.00) that are capable of around 1000 PSI up to commercial grade units costing upwards of $45,000.00 that can push out over 3000 PSI (used mainly by plumbing companies)

WHAT DO PLUMBING COMPANIES CHARGE FOR JETTER SERVICE? In most cases, plumbing companies will charge by the hour to come to your house or business and perform a Denver hydro jetting service. Many will charge a flat rate of around $300.00 for 2 hours and then charge and hourly rate after that. Most residential lines (4"-6" in diameter) can be cleared fairly quickly (within the first 2 hours) if it is of average length (30'-50') and there are no major buildups or blockages in the line. If the pipe is longer or of a larger diameter has severe blockages and buildup in it the job can take longer.

Ask Us About Our New Sewer Lining Technology!

WHAT IS SEWER SNAKING? Snaking a sewer line consist of sending a cable through the sewer line and twisting the cable by turning a handle as you go. The idea is that the twisting motion will clear buildup from the walls of the pipe as well as poke through clogs. This can be effective at temporarily fixing a clog so the water will flow through again and cleaning some buildup however it is only a short term fix. Without getting rid of the substance causing the clog it will eventually seal off again. Hydro Jetting is a far superior way to clean the line as it will completely blow out all the buildup from the line as well as completely remove the substance causing the clog in the first place.

No Matter What It Is, We Can Clear It Out!

WHAT OTHER TYPES OF PLUMBING LINES CAN BE JETTED? Hydro Jetting can be used on a variety of plumbing line types and sizes including sewer, drain, and even grease lines like you would find in restaurants. The pressure they can deliver will clear out virtually anything you would find in a plumbing line including roots, dirt, grease, and even objects that may have accidentially been flushed. We have seen things like toys, aluminum foil, small bathroom products like shampoo bottles and toothpaste tubes cause clogs and be blown clear out using hydro jetting technology.

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Tip of the day - Open drain on water heater twice a year to remove sediment.

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